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Saturday, 15 March 2014

'10 days of fashion in the City': Free fashion workshop with Anna Caselberg

Anna Caselberg 

Hello stylish readers! We recently attended a workshop by Anna Caselberg, wardrobe and stylist consultant, and author of The Closet Stylist (See HERE and HERE). This free workshop was part of 'Fashion in the City', a 10 day festival of style in Central Auckland. Anna shared her expert tips and advice on how to dress stylishly and save money. We share a few of those tips, and of course our own looks.

Read on for more details!

Image courtesy Auckland libraries website 
Anna illustrated her tips with the latest on-trend Autumn/Winter 2014 outfits from retailers Max, Portmans, and Country Road. Here are some things we noted:

1. Make older outfits look new with trendy accessories. For example, a trendy floral scarf.

2. She predicted that trench coats will be big this Autumn.

3. You really need only 5 work outfits, and 2 leisure outfits per season.

Also, she illustrated her tips on dressing to suit body shapes using volunteers from the audience.

Anna demonstrates two trends: 'pleather' pants and beanies

However, we thought that there was a lack of tips and illustrations on how to accessorise with jewellery. Moreover, the outfits appeared mostly conservative, for instance, sober cuts and sombre colours. Or maybe it's because we wear bright colours, even in autunn/winter! And of course, we love our statement bling. It could just be a matter of perspective and personal taste. Nevertheless, we appreciated the opportunity to attend since there were limited spaces available.

Afterwards, we took some quick snaps at the venue, Auckland Central Library. Here's what we wore:

Top: Glassons        Pants: ASOS      Shoes: Truth by Madonna        Jewellery: Equip         Bag: Cue

              Top: Espirit       Pants: ASOS     Shoes: ASOS         Jewellery: Equip          Bag: Etsy vendor

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