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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Rally round the West Indies!!

"Rally round the West Indies" is a line from David Rudder's classic song (audio below) of the same moniker, and has become the anthem for West Indies cricket. When we attended two matches in the ANZ International Series New Zealand v. West Indies 2013/2014, that line became one of our chants.

** Disclaimer: We do not own this video nor is it hosted on our site. 

First, we attended a One Day International (ODI),  Eden Park on Boxing Day. The atmosphere was sombre until we started chanting slogans like "One one does full basket" to remind West Indies batsmen that they should gradually accumulate the runs.

Pictures taken at Eden Park stadium. Windies Cricket team logo lies at centre. 

We waved our flags while dancing to sweet soca music (yes soca!) played by the deejay. Supporters of the opposing team commented that our style of spectating, our vibe, made their experience memorable. We also relished the opportunity to tell others about our home country. In the end, West Indies won by 2 wickets. 

National flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

A few weeks later, we attended an International Twenty-20 match, at Eden Park. In contrast, we noticed a difference in the atmosphere.  The collective voices of New Zealand supporters was overwhelming. It was as though they noted our style of support at the ODI, and then came prepared to outshine us. It even appeared that the West Indies conceded defeat as they batted sluggishly. We exclaimed, "Buh AA, alyo run nah!" Nevertheless we cheered them on. Sadly, West Indies lost by 20 runs.

Again, New Zealand supporters commended our loyalty in spite of West Indies's loss and stated our 'vibe' made the evening even more enjoyable.

Take a closer look at what we wore. 

Sarina went for vibrant, casual look, pairing a pair of hot pink skort with a white singlet and floral throw over. She then topped off this look with golden bohemian accessories and a neutral pair of sandals.

While Resa opted for a bold, patterned dress paired with denim shorts for practical reasons (wind!). She completed this simple summery look with blue and gold shoes and accessories.

Thank you for reading. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts! 

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