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Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Style Scoop: Statement clutches

Hello stylish readers! Today, we introduce our latest feature, The Style Scoop, which offers a  
comprehensive overview of the latest trends.

First up, we focus on statement clutches which can uplift the simplest outfit. We've taken heaps
of time to find the hottest clutches, group them, and include links to each clutch
in case something tickled your fancy! 

Groupings for the following clutches include: 

1. Cut-outs 

2. Embellishments: Beads, buttons, glitter, and a whole lot more.   

3. 'Piecing it together': An interesting mix of shapes, colours, patterns, and prints results in a cohesive pattern.  

4. Florals 

5. Literal statements: Clutches inspired by popular culture texts. E.g., book clutches like "The Never Ending 
Lovestory", and speech bubbles derived from comics. 

6.  Edgy: These have spikes, skulls, etc. Or a mix between lady-like and edgy bits like the third clutch from
 the left. 

Statement clutches

Tech accessory

More clutches up next!

Groupings for the following clutches include:

7. Metallics: This isn't restricted to silver, gold, and bronze anymore. There are other cool colours 
and colour combinations. 

8. Fringes and Tassels: Perfect for those summer festivals to rock with a bohemian look.  

9. Clear: Here's an idea, you can choose a hard shell, mini one for evening wear.

10. Neon: These can make an all black outfit POP! or rock with a funky 80s inspired look.

11. Faux Fur: Perfect for the upcoming Fall/Winter season here in New Zealand.

Statement clutches continued

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