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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Grey Lynn Park Festival

The Grey Lynn Park Festival is an annual, all day event in Auckland which features live band performances, hand-made art and craft, a variety of cuisine, and the list goes on. This year's event held on 30 November was the perfect opportunity to kick start  the summer fun. 

Small section of the festival ground

Closer look at the flags display

We've met many Bob Marley fans in Auckland. No surprise this flag was part of the display.

There were fun activities for persons of all ages and of varying interests which included:


Battle re-enactment 

Mini jeeps for the kids 

Take a look at some of the New Zealand made products available for purchase that day.

Ethically made clothing on sale. 

Come and get it! 

Greenstone Jade has spiritual meaning for New Zealand's indigenous people, the Maoris 

Metal artwork engravings 

Why so sad Mr. Fish? 

We couldn't take pictures of all the food stalls, so here are a few that we enjoyed.

The Jamaican food stall was in high demand that day. 

BBQ in oil drum....When was the last time you had BBQ done in these?

Jerk pork and festivals with salad for good measure

Stumpy's woodfire pizza 

A unique coffee stall housed under a tent.

Annelies waiting for freshly brewed tea from The Coffee Guru. 

Sweet treats 

 We sat on the grass and enjoyed live performances by local musicians.

We can't remember the band's name, but they were awesome! 

Cuban band setting up 

Even the little one had fun

Our smiles were proof that we had so much fun that day.

Annelies and Pieter, friends visiting from Belgium. 

Resa and Annelies 

Have you attended any festivals lately? Where and what did you enjoy most?

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